4’’ x 4’’ Sequoia constructional length, at 9ft. Also various 1’’, 1.5’’, 2’’, 2.5’’ boards of Native Walnut.

Spalted Beech and Cherry

2’’, 3’’, 4’’ boards of Spalted Beech and random boards of Cherry.

Stickered Timber

 All of the stock is carefully stickered at various depths to ensure fully air drying all round the boards.

Air Dried Timbers

 A collection of five different air dried timbers including, yew, cedar, sycamore

Lumbermate 2000
Lumbermate 2000 Sawmill

Above the Norwood Lumbermate 2000 cutting through and through a 12ft Sequoia log, to process the floorboards and 4’’ x 4’’ beams in the above photos.